Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 7.126 

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Data-Entry report

The Data-Entry report is used for detailed documentation of all data entered while modelling a building component.
The window can opened from the Main menu via View→Evaluation & Reports→Data-Entry report and also via View→Data Input & Entry→Data-Entry report .

Remark: Data of vapour diffusion resistance μ will be also reported if entered.

A report can be:

  • viewed on the screen
  • saved as PDF, XLS, DOC or RTF file
  • printed onto a printer
  • searched by keywords

See Toolbar of a Report window

Remark: The content of this report will be updated after any change to input data immediately. This might result in slight delays during processing of the input. Therefore it is advisable to keep that report window closed during the input.

See also: Evaluation windows, Evaluation and Results, Toolbar of a Report window

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