Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 7.126 

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Modelling report

The Modelling report is used for summarizing documentation of a building components data relevant for the simulation.
The window can be reached from the Main menu via View→Evaluation & Reports→Modelling report and also via View→Data Input & Entry→Modelling report .

Compared to the Data-Entry report only data relevant for the calculation is reported.

Resulting from the overlapping elements some materials might have no impact within calculation (being fully overlapped and thus discarded). Thus this report shall be used to document and to verify the input of spaces and power sources (boundary conditions), their names and transfer coefficients.

Remark: If there are power sources included in the model (after all overlapping of elements have been resolved) their resulting (active) volumes will be calculated and output also. This values might be helpful during the entry of boundary conditions.

Remark: Data of vapour diffusion resistance μ will be also reported if entered.

The second part of the report lists U-Values of characteristic layered constructs at adiabatic boundaries of the model.
These intermediary results are required for the calculation of thermal bridge correction factor Psi or Chi.

Remark: The listing does only show U-Values of layered constructs between two spaces; Incomplete layered constructs will not be output. The algorithm searches at all six sides of the model bounding box for adiabatic cut-off planes (from outside towards model's interior, the first one adiabatic plane in each such direction). If a space surface is found at first in one of that directions, then there will be no adiabatic boundary reported in that direction. Adiabatic planes found by that process are then intersected in pairs at twelve edges. At these intersection lines U-Value profiles are generated - each such profile results in none, one or even many layered constructs space-to-space.
Remark: For U-Value profiles passing multiple layered constructs (e.g. multiple ceilings) there will be multiple U-Values reported for respective space pairs.

For detailed report of all data entered, including the detailed listing of all elements, please use Data-Entry report.

A report can be:

  • viewed on the screen
  • saved as PDF, XLS, DOC or RTF file
  • printed onto a printer
  • searched by keywords

See Toolbar of a Report window

Remark: The content of this report will be updated after any change to input data immediately. This might result in slight delays during processing of the input. Therefore it is advisable to keep that report window closed during the input.

See also: Evaluation windows, Evaluation and Results, Toolbar of a Report window, Alpha (surface transmittance) hidden (application setting)

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